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Individual: $250.00-Intake, 75 minutes / $190.00 - 50 minutes

Couples: $250.00 - Intake, 75 minutes /  $200.00 - 60 minutes

Complex Pain Recovery ® Consultations $250.00-75 minutes/$190.00 minutes


Complex Pain Recovery ® 7 Session Group Class $650.00

SCS Mental Health Evaluations for Spinal Cord Stimulator Trial $200.00

Substance Abuse Evaluations $325.00




NPI # 1336577683

GA. LPC # 009106

EIN # 81-0794800

NCC # 317942

CPCS # 2073

  • I am a Tricare Certified Provider. I provide you with a superbill for services and you submit a Form DD 2642 for reimbursement.

  • If you are specifically seeking help with managing chronic pain and or illness we may be able to get a gap exception. Gap exceptions are designed to provide specialized services and therapy that is not offered near a patients  home.

  • I am on many Out of Network panels. Your insurance company will need the numbers provided above to follow through with OON benefits. I provide you with a superbill and you submit for out of network  benefits. If you have reached your deductible for the year you may receive 100% reimbursement.

Image by Naturel Lerutann
Image by Rebecca Asryan


You can electronically fill out  paperwork and assessments online. If you are having a problem please call or text at


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