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Image by Jason Leung



"Metro Atlanta is so lucky to have Anastasia Bean, a wonderful and compassionate therapist who specializes in chronic pain. I’ve lived with chronic pain for years due to an accident, and having a therapist who truly ‘gets it’ is a godsend. Anastasia knows the unique challenges of living with chronic pain, and she has helped me think about my pain in a way that puts me in control (rather than my pain). She understands how stress, ‘catastrophizing,’ and other factors increase pain, and she’s guided me through relaxation and mindfulness techniques. 

I particularly find Anastasia’s chronic pain support group sessions helpful. She creates an open and safe support group environment that encourages you to share your feelings and experiences without being judged. 

I feel that Anastasia truly cares about her patients and has a great deal of empathy for them. Her role as a therapist is not just a job to her, but a calling—her life’s work. That makes such a difference. During our sessions, I feel that she really listens and is fully present. 

I would not hesitate to recommend Anastasia Bean to anyone living with chronic pain." 

- Sara

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