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Understanding Chronic Pain and Multidisciplinary Approaches to Pain Management
Complex Pain Recovery®


Workshop Description


This workshop will help professionals learn how to address the chronic pain, illness, and Mind Body Syndrome concerns that their clients bring into session. Whether it is a primary issue or an issue that keeps coming up in therapy. Starting with an introduction to the history and evolution of pain management. Explain the difference between acute and chronic pain and how pain is currently diagnosed, measured, and generally treated by the medical community. Detailed exploration of the Biomedical “Curative” Model and the Biopsychosocial Model will be addressed. The four areas of balance and helpful assessments for pain management/recovery will be discussed and demonstrated how to apply in your practice to facilitate a new mindset for your clients experiencing chronic pain.  Lastly, we shall address salient nuances central the opioid epidemic, addiction, and what to expect in the future.


Learning Objectives


  • A brief history of the evolution of pain management and theoretical foundations.


  • Define chronic pain and differentiate pain management from Complex Pain Recovery®.


  • Identify multidisciplinary approaches and techniques to help the client understand complex pain recovery.


  • Explain strategy and treatment approaches that will enable clinicians to work more effectively with their chronic pain clients.


  • Explore how the 12-step model is effective with pain recovery

  • Psychophysiological Disorders

  • Identify useful assessments for chronic pain clients.


  • Discuss the coexisting disorder of chronic pain and addiction.


  • What to expect going forward

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